Open until 5th June: Exhibition A Tale of Persistence: Expanding on Decline in Ida-Virumaa

Photo: Päär Keedus

In Ida-Virumaa, the politics of the climate neutral futures, the deprived status quo and the infrastructures inherited from the past intensively meet, showing multiple endings but also some possible new beginnings.

The landscapes of Ida-Viru, where distinguishing between the man-made and the natural has become increasingly difficult, conceal something we might describe with the word ‘hope’. They speak of a future different from the one that was planned in the past. That difference, despite the bleak outlook is still liveablethese are environments of adaptation where a new tale is being made.

Students of urban studies and interior architecture were asked to question how various experiences of habitation could be connected to the governance of decline and strategic shrinkage of the built environment.

A Tale of Persistence focuses on areas of Kohtla-Järve and Kiviõli, a duo of out of many municipalities in decline in East Estonia, where the changing policies and socio-economic drivers of recent decades have led to excess supply of housing. Contrary to specific housing programmes and demolition initiatives, this course has approached housing as an experience. Tandems of both study programmes worked with different conditions of decline by rethinking growth or adaptation. Their projects use varied mediums and techniques to examine formal and informal practices, debates in literature and applied studies.

Tutors: Keiti Kljavin, Kristi Grišakov, Laura Linsi and Mariann Drell.

Participating: Mira Samonig, Mirell Ülle, Janosh Heydorn, Alexander Nenenko, Juss Heinsalu, Ardo Hiiuväin, Triin Juhanson, Veera Gontšugova, Eeros Lees, Þórhildur Guðmundsdóttir, Daria Khrystych, Fernanda Ayala Torres, Semele Kari (interior achitecture / urban studies MA students)

Exhibition Design: Mirell Ülle, Juss Heinsalu, Ardo Hiiuväin, Veera Gontšugova, Eeros Lees, Semele Kari (interior architecture MA students)

Kohtla-Järve Oil Shale Museum White Hall (Tuuslari 18a, Kohtla-Järve city, IdaVirumaa)

22.05 – 05.06.2021

Opening hours
Tue-Fri 12-18
Sat 10-16

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Posted by Triin Männik