Proceedings 11-12 / 2023, Faculty of Architecture

The recently published proceedings of the Faculty of Architecture “Proceedings 11-12 / 2023” gathers articles from two scientific event.

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Part One I COST Action: Writing Urban Places. New Narratives of the European City. Training School: LOCAL STORIES and VISUAL NARRATIVES contains presentations from the workshop held on September 15-16, 2021 and articles by the participants.

The second part II INNOVATION AND DIGITAL REALITY: IDEAS, REPRESENTATIONS/APPLICATIONS AND FABRICATION presents the presentations of the Innovation and Digital Reality conference.

The international conference took place on September 6, 2022 at the Estonian Academy of Arts and was part of the TAB 2022 satellite program of the Tallinn Architecture Biennale.

The digital version of the publication also includes links to listen to the presentations and the final panel on the conference program page (pdf page 67).

In addition to the main speaker, Prof. Dr. Roberto Verganti was presented by Dr. Jüri Soolep, researchers Dr. Siim Tuksam, Martin Melioranski, Dr. Roemer van Toorn, Max Eschenbach and via video Gao Xu and Cheng Lu.


Editor-in-chief of the proceedings: Jüri Soolep

Language editor: Kerli Linnat

Technical editor: Tiina Tammet

Design: Martin Rästa


The publication was supported by the Ministry of Culture and the Estonian Cultural Foundation.

ISSN 1736-4477

ISBN 978-9916-619-85-8 (print)

ISBN 978-9916-619-86-5 (pdf)

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