SIGN UP for Garage48 Spatial Hack: THE GARAGE – 21st-22nd January in Tallinn

The interior architecture department of the Estonian Academy of Arts is happy to host the space design oriented hackathon, inviting all students of architecture from any school in Estonia as well as urban planning, anthropology, human geography, IxD or urban studies students to take part.

This hackathon is for those of you who like to take things apart, dive into context, inspired by spaces and places, and are not afraid to build and rebuild – but even if you don’t have a garage-related idea ready right now, come and let us inspire you! To take part, register right now:

Garage48 THE GARAGE will look at the tiny special spaces scattered in any city in the world, originally planned & built for the sole purpose of keeping cars and other vehicles dry and safe. However, garages never stayed single-purpose in any culture. Garages have been adapted to storage rooms, gaming clubs, tinkering spaces, band rehearsal rooms, and, last but not least, spaces where great ideas are developed (just look at the history of the IT sector, half of it started in garages), etc, etc.

Today, the original use for city centre garages has almost disappeared: our cars are fixed in professional shops and we park on streets or in multi-storey parking garages. The rows of garages still stand, often in prime locations: underused, yet FULL of potential.

Garage48 GARAGE invites students from a number of spatial design and social sciences fields to form teams & hack the garage as a space in a city, exploring the context and spatial potential. By the end of the hackathon, we expect the teams to have discovered alternative uses, tools, urban design ideas to make the best use of garages, in the example of Tallinn.

The hackathon kicks off with idea pitching on the given topic, after which teams are formed, who then have 48 hours to develop a prototype solving a problem they have selected. The whole process is followed closely by mentors, offering feedback and guidance to all teams.

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Posted by Triin Männik