Study of the collective farm areas of Järva municipality

Study of the collective farm areas of the general plan of Järva municipality. Living models of rural settlements

The aim of the project is to address the topics and issues related to collective farm buildings in Järva municipality in the master’s theses of the students of the Faculty of Architecture of EAA with the aim to study what can be done with these buildings and what could be living models in rural settlements in general. The research is based on the question, in which houses, in what living environment do we want to live today and how to achieve it, can the existing houses be used here, or is it more reasonable to build something completely new? The focus of the research is on the analysis of living models of rural settlements, mainly Järva municipality, and proposing new opportunities.

Client and financier: Järva municipality

Period: autumn 2019 – summer 2020

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Posted by Tiina Tammet