The Cathedral of Heat in Tootsi. Studio Project VI, 2015/2016

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During the spring term, third-year students deal with public buildings. This time, the work was based on the concept of heat with the topic named “The Cathedral of Heat”. The location – Tootsi with the surrounding peat fields – may be considered as a starting point for the idea. Tootsi is a small settlement with about 700 residents in Pärnu county established with the briquette factory in 1939. In 2011, the factory gave out its last sad whistle and the number of inhabitants quickly decreased, although it has now stopped. The students were to redesign the former briquette factory and the new volume (about 4000 m2) into a comprehensive whole. The old factory could be partially demolished provided that at least 60% is retained. The total room programme was about 7000 m2. In terms of functions, the buildings were to accommodate seamlessly the peat museum, a spa area with saunas and pools, a large black box, a space for temporary exhibitions, hotel rooms and a café. Students also needed to find an individual additional function valuing the present space and bringing new life to the local community. The respective solutions varied from a jam factory to a server park or even the whole complex taken underground. The common denominator for the projects, however, was heat.

Tutors: Indrek Peil, Siiri Vallner

Editor: Paulina Pähn

Estonian Academy of Arts Faculty of Architecture, 2017

ISBN 978-9949-594-22-1 (trükis)
ISBN 978-9949-594-23-8 (pdf)
ISSN 2461-2359

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Posted by Pille Epner