The Estonian Academy of Arts launches its first international summer academy in 2017

The Tallinn Summer Academy of Art, Design and Architecture – Edge/Blurring Boundaries drew 183 applicants, of whom 77 have been chosen to participate.

The aim of the EAA Summer Academy is to contribute to fulfilling the mission, vision and internationalisation goals of the EAA – in other words, to be a central and internationally respected institution for creating, developing and studying art, visual culture and the living environment in Estonia as well as a key force for enriching the country’s cultural environment and quality of life.

According to Olivia Verev (of EAA’s Open Academy) who organised the academy, “The first International Summer Academy of Estonian Academy of Arts – Tallinn Summer Academy of Art, Design and Architecture received more applications than expected, which shows that EAA has expanded in a very important direction for the university. Tallinn Summer Academy enriches the international art, design and architecture education landscape by providing high-calibre opportunities for study and by introducing Estonian art, design and architecture internationally.”

Applications were received from 43 countries: Estonian, Finland, Germany, Poland, the United States, Lithuania, Latvia, Denmark, Austria, Iceland, Iran, Italy, China, Spain, Sweden, Egypt, Switzerland, Turkey, Russia, Mexico, Norway, Albania, Brazil, Netherlands, Ukraine, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Colombia, Czech, Chile, Nigeria, Hungary, Israel, Bulgaria, Greece, France, Portugal, United Kingdom, Palestine, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia, Croatia and Canada. Four of the course instructors are also from abroad. The 2017 courses will take place in August and include: Clay 3D Printing, Toys for Elephants, Telling Stories – Language in Video & Video as Language, Numbers and Cognition in the Urban Environment, The Contemporary Art Field in Estonia, and the FLOODED Summer School.

The international summer school is taking place as part of the project entitled “Tallinn Summer Academy of Art, Design and Architecture – Edge/Blurring Boundaries”. The project has been made possible by 37,079.24 euros in funding from the European Regional Development Fund.

Additional information: Olivia Verev, Project Manager for EAA’s Tallinn Summer School, 5806 6003,

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Posted by Solveig Jahnke