The Rector will take the oath of office via live video 

Rector Mart Kalm giving a speech at the opening ceremony of the new EKA building

On Monday, April 6, 2020, at 2 pm, Professor Mart Kalm will take the rector’s oath at the meeting of the Council and Senate of the Estonian Academy of Arts, marking the beginning of his second term.

Due to the state of emergency, the oath of office will be taken in a virtual meeting, but all who are interested may view the webcast   live via

The election of the Rector of the Estonian Academy of Arts took place on January 30 wherewith strong support, Member of the Academy Professor Mart Kalm was elected in the first round of voting. Of the 70 electoral body members, 58 persons were present and voted, Prof. Mart Kalm received 50 votes.

By December 2, Rector Prof. Mart Kalm was nominated by the Councils of the Faculty of Architecture and the Faculty of Art Culture, eight professors jointly, the Student Council of EKA and the Rector Emeritus Jaak Kangilaski.

The electoral body consisted of all members of the Academy Council and Senate, all professors of the Academy, heads of all departments, chairs and institutes, members of the student council, representatives elected by the professors and representatives of art institutions chosen by the council.

Rector Mart Kalm’s term of office lasts five years.

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Posted by Solveig Jahnke