The Winner of the Best Accessory Design Student 2022 Award is Dina Aller

Dina Aller. Foto: Kelian Luisk
Dina Aller (MA) is awarded the Best Accessory Design Student Award by the Department of Accessory Design of the Estonian Academy of Arts. The Department of Accessory Design acknowledges Dina’s commitment to professional studies and to her outstanding creative work. In addition, participation in several competitions such as the Global Footwear Awards, InMyShoes Milan, Scripta Manent, Box Your Book and the competition-exhibition “Perspectives”. The Best Accessory Design Student Award is given annually to a bachelor’s or master’s student to recognize  a student’s outstanding teaching and professional practice. This is a one-time 500 € scholarship announced at the end of the academic year. Stella Runnel, Head of the Accessories and Binding Department, says: “Dina is an exceptionally wide-ranging student who can touch the boundaries of the accessory field in terms of fashion, product design and binding. Meanwhile, everything that Dina touches seems to be turning to gold – the combination of creativity, thoroughness and great work ethic has brought her many awards and victories; for many years he has stood out as a designer with enormous potential.”
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Posted by Andres Lõo