Tour by curator Johan Tali at the City Unfinished exhibition to take place on 13 February.

Join us for a tour of the “City Unfinished” exhibition at the Estonian Museum of Architecture on Saturday, 13 February at 2 pm. The tour will be in Estonian and led by the curator of the exhibition, a doctoral student of the Estonian Academy of Arts, architect Johan Tali, who’ll be introducing the exhibition on Tallinn’s urban planning challenges and problems. “I would like to encourage the visitors of the exhibition to find an answer to the question of whether and how Tallinn could be transformed into a sustainable and competitive city, where it will be good for future generations to live,” says Tali.

The exhibition is based on the research project “Unfinished City” of the Estonian Academy of Arts, which dealt with urban planning visions and spatial scenarios in Tallinn.

The exhibition aspires to present a big picture of Tallinn as the capital of Estonia, which will hopefully arouse the curiosity of the visitor to understand what is happening in the cityscape of Tallinn. It also explains what can be planned in today’s city; what opportunities do the city’s green areas offer in shaping tomorrow’s Tallinn; where the centers of Tallinn are located today and where the centers of Tallinn could be located in the future.

Lasnamäe area is paid special attention: more than half of Tallinn’s homes are located in prefabricated housing estates, but what kind of development do these areas need to be competitive in the future? “City Unfinished” ends up in year 2050, proposing what should be paid attention to when organising and structuring the urban pattern of Tallinn.

You can take part in the tour at the museum with a regular museum ticket; the museum kindly asks you to come only when you are healthy and be sure to wear a mask in the museum.

NB! On February 21, at 2 pm, the exhibition will feature a Russian-language tour, led by architect Ivan Sergeyev.

Both the research project and the exhibition are supported by Kapitel.

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Posted by Triin Männik