Wanderlust: Destination Silesia

A few days – is that enough to get to know each other? We will check it during the first Transform4Europe Week.

University of Silesia in Katowice is inviting students, as well as academic and non-academic staff representing each of the alliance’s universities to Poland!

Students will meet in the morning hours for thematic classes led by outstanding experts – scientists and teachers representing Transform4Europe universities. The participants will talk primarily about the most important challenges facing our civilisation, which we wish to confront by cooperating within the framework of a European University. These include:

  • digital transformation and smart regions,
  • environmental transformation and sustainability,
  • societal transformation, community building and inclusion.

Afternoon meetings are appealing as well. There will be workshops on design thinking, intercultural communication, and effective negotiation, as well as thematic classes during which students will learn more about European values and identity and contemporary challenges to civilisation. There will be a demonstration on how to prepare professional film materials, have some trips around Silesia, and how to cook traditional Silesian dishes.
Travel and accommodation costs are covered.

Transform4Europe Week May 9–13 in Poland Silesia.
Week full of activities such as a study course 2–3 ECTS, city sightseeings, concerts etc.

Feel interested?
Write to T4Europe@artun.ee before April 4.

EKA is part of the European University Initiative set up by the European Commission. The European Commission set out a vision “in which learning, studying and doing research would not be hampered by borders”. There are 41 alliances in this initiative, EKA is part of the Transform4Europe alliance.

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Posted by Piret-Klea Velleste