“Wearable 3D Printed Shoes” Workshop by Footwearology Lab

Photo: Andres Lõo

On August 19th till 26th, 2023 a workshop on creating shoe design concepts in 2D and 3D format created with the help of various generative AI applications was held at EKA, invited by the Accessory Design Department.

The aim of the course guided by the international Footwearology Lab was to introduce the future of footwear design and manufacturing through the combination of artificial intelligence applications and 3D printing technologies.

The concepts were transferred to an existing 3D model of the shoe, and then the running shoes were printed from recyclable, flexible plastic filament.

In the “Wearable 3D Printed Shoes” workshop, shoe design ideas were completed and finished shoes were printed.

Instructors and organizing team:

Nicoline van Enter – CEO of Footwearology Lab

Luis Bugin – Computational Design Expert

Roig Vilaro – Head of 3D Printing at the Footwearology Lab

Madis Kaasik – head of the prototyping laboratory of the Estonian Academy of Arts

Kristiina Nurk – coordinator and guest lecturer of the accessory design and binding department of the Estonian Academy of Arts

Hedi Meigas – project manager of the Faculty of Design

Organized by EKA Accessory Design Department

Info in English

The organization of the course is financed by the CIRRUS/NORDPLUS network.

CIRRUS/ Nordplus intensive summer course in Tallinn, Estonia – Wearable 3D Printed Footwear, August 19th – 26th, 2023


Cirrus-Nordic-Baltic Network of Art and Design Education



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Photos by Andres Lõo and Footwearology Lab
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