2023 EKA Creative, Rresearch, Study and Colleague Awards

On the photo: Jüri Kermik with Anne Pikkov

On December 21, 2023, at the end-of-year event, the Estonian Academy of Arts recognized employees who have distinguished themselves with their creative activities, teaching and research work or influential actions during the past year.

At the end of each year, the collective of the Estonian Academy of Arts recognizes enthusiastic, talented and successful creative colleagues. The entire list can be found here, with regard to the interior architecture department, the following are worth mentioning:

The best curriculum leader 2023 – Jüri Kermik

The best curriculum leader award recognizes outstanding curriculum leaders at EKA.

The Academic Council chose professor Jüri Kermik, head of the Interior Architecture BA curriculum, as the best curriculum leader.

Colleagues point out that Jüri Kermik has introduced major changes in interior architecture education and is the head of the curriculum with a systematic approach.

He is a curriculum leader with a thorough professional background and has brought to EKA the management and teaching experience acquired in the UK.

His balanced personality inspires a lot of trust. Always pleasant and cooperative, considerate and thoughtful and dignified.

EKA has won a lot in the form of Kermik, that he has come back to Estonia and shares his long-term experience. We have a lot to learn from him at EKA in general.


Best teaching staff member in 2023 – Maiu Rõõmus

The honorary title and reward of the best lecturer values teaching and effective supervision. The best lecturer is chosen by the students. 140 students participated in the survey.

Maiu Rõõmus graduated scenography, ERKI, in 1978. Currently works as a part-time drawing teacher (Anatomical drawing) at the drawing department of EKA.

In 2014, Maiu received the EKA Medal of Honor, which honors academic employees who have distinguished themselves with long-term and meaningful work at EKA.

Over the years, feedback from students has been very positive. Quite often, students describe her and her teaching in superlative terms.

Maiu Rõõmus teaches drawing to first- and second-year students in the Department of Interior Architecture.

Besides Maiu Rõõmus, Jaan Tiidemann, a lecturer at the Faculty of Architecture, and Gregor Taul, a lecturer at the Department of Interior Architecture, also made it to the TOP 3 of the students.


EKA Creative Award 2023:

Laura Linsi and Roland Reemaa – powerfully monumental exhibition “Urban Stocks. Spolia returns”

“Urban Stocks. Spolia returns” at the Museum of Architecture 25.05 – 30.0.2023 The installation examined the flow of building materials through landscapes and cities. Curators: Laura Linsi, Roland Reemaa. Co-curator: Maria Helena Luiga. Authors of the installation: LLRRLLRR (Laura Linsi, Roland Reemaa, Maria Helena Luiga). Participants: yuks.works (Andrea Tamm, Maria Helena Luiga, Hannes Praks, Henri Papson), Koit Ojaliiv and Kristel Niisuke, Mariann Drell and Ruuben Rekkor, SRIK Vanamaterial (Holger Orek), TalTech Institute of Construction and Architecture (Simo Ilomets and Anni Martin ), Andres Tolts, Johanna Ulfsak.

Laura Linsi and Roland Reemaa are longtime lecturers in the Department of Interior Architecture. In the 2023 spring semester Reemaa supervised together with Hannah Segerkrantz, the interior architecture master’s studio.

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Posted by Gregor Taul