A New Generation are Graduating the Estonian Academy of Arts

Taavi Teevet, master of Jewelry and Blacksmithing at EKA giving a speech on behalf of the graduates. Photo: EKA TV
The Estonian Academy of Arts is very pleased to announce that the graduation ceremonies for the current academic year will take place on June 21 at 11:00 a.m. for graduates of the Faculty of Design and at 3:00 p.m. for graduates of the Faculties of Architecture, Art and Culture and Fine Arts.  Elisabeth Kuusik, Head of Academic Affairs: “The Estonian Academy of Arts graduated 269 students in the academic year of 2022/2023. By level, 148 students graduated from bachelor’s studies, 119 students from master’s studies, and 2 students from EKA’s doctoral school.” Rector Mart Kalm sends the new graduates on their way of life: “The world is changing and you with it. In this life arc where you are still world changers, learning to master collaboration is one of the keys to your future success. I believe that with this flexibility you also need to be yourself. Keep up the good work. Thank you!” “This year, a flight is graduating, whose studies are full of challenges, self-surpassing and creative inspiration. You have shown great dedication and passion for your profession and it has been interesting to see how your work reflects the themes and challenges of today’s society. You have focused on social justice, environmental awareness, diversity and many other important issues. Your art has been a powerful voice that inspires us all to think and act,” adds EKA Vice-Rector Anne Pikkov. A record number of 151 students graduated from the Faculty of Design of EKA, 36 students graduated from the Faculty of Architecture, 36 students from the Faculty of Arts and Culture, 44 students graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts, and 2 doctoral students graduated from the Doctoral School. The Estonian Academy of Arts wishes the students lots of luck and high flight! More information: Elisabeth Kuusik Head of Academic Affairs elisabeth.kuusik@artun.ee