Alissa Nirgi “A New Land Outside My Window” at EKA Gallery 08.09-03.10.2015

Alissa Nirgi

A New Land Outside My Window

Curated by Laura Toots

“My grandmother lived in a war zone in Lugansk Oblast in eastern Ukraine and she wasn’t safe there anymore. Since she is sick and needs care, my parents decided to bring her to Estonia to live with them.

I have been documenting my grandmother for about a year. While at first I was interested in the changes she would make in her new room, over time my focus changed. I tried to connect with her through the photos I was taking because I speak neither Ukrainian nor Russian. As I observed my grandmother, I realized she was not happy in her new home and that being with her family did not ease her longing for her real home where she had lived almost her whole life. I saw how her new surroundings seemed strange and uncomfortable to her and how she felt like she didn’t belong here. She spends her days watching TV, hoping to hear news that will allow her to finally go home.”

“A New Land Outside My Window” is Alissa Nirgi’s first solo exhibition. The exhibition is part of Tallinn Photomonth 2015 satellite programme.

10.09.2015 6 pm Guided tour of the exhibition by artist Alissa Nirgi and curator Laura Toots.

29.09.2015 6 pm Artist talk with Alissa Nirgi led by artist and lecturer Liina Siib.

Graphic design: Maria Muuk

Technical team: Reimo Võsa-Tangsoo, Kaspar Kiinvald

We would like to thank: Terje Nirgi, Sergei Randvere, Liina Siib, Marge Monko, Mari Armei, Anu Tehver, Fidelia Regina Randmäe

Supporters: EAA Photography Department, Lehe brewery, Megaluumen, Warm North, Espak, ArtPrint, Jaanihanso cider, Itek electronics

Partners: Tallinn Photomonth 2015


27.0903.10.2015 at the same time with the solo exhibition “A New Land Outside My Window”, a public space display of a photo series Kaspar is Sitting will be shown by Alissa Nirgi on 6×3-metre advertising boards in Tallinn city scape.

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