“Alone Together” at EKA Gallery 08.10.–31.10.2015

Alone Together

Terrenceo Hammond, Kennet Lekko


Alone Together is a joint exhibition by Kennet Lekko from Tallinn and Terrenceo Hammond from New York, themed around the meeting in Berlin of these two artists from different places but with similar ideas. In a world where geographic distances and differences are less determining factors and people are travelling and migrating more and more, the exchange of ideas has also become easier. That said, immigration is a growing problem in both Europe and America that cannot be ignored. The question is one of the viability and understanding of coexistence in an essentially open world in which borders between ideas will not stand for long.

In an internet-based society people seem to be more connected via the web, which allows for fast and effective means of communication, but which causes a more intimate and direct form of contact to become rare. Therefore, we often find ourselves in a vicious circle where we are constantly connected, but still feel alone and isolated. An abundance of information should also mean more understanding, but quite often the uncontrollable mass of information can function adversely and lead to a general distrust of the media.

Terrenceo Hammond and Kennet Lekko work primarily in the medium of painting and deal with the search for identity in a society overflowing with visual stimuli. What is the role of painting in a society where a work will, in the best-case scenario, become a like on Instagram – a part of the visual plethora on the screen of a phone.

This is a collaborative project, which will start in Tallinn and continue on to Art Basel in Miami and Armory Fair in New York. The works will be created on site in each city.

14.10.2015 at 6.30 pm discussion with Terrenceo Hammond and Kennet Lekko.

The discussion will be moderated by artist Marko Mäetamm.

The exhibition is sponsored by the Estonian Cultural Endowment and Jaanihanso cider.

We would like to thank: Marko Mäetamm, Teknos OÜ, Siim Paat, Marko Lekko, Monika Rausberg, Tiit Lõhmus, Marko Nautras, Marc Lambert, Marta Vaarik.

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Posted by Merilin Talumaa