Anna Mari Liivrand “One becomes many/many become one” at EKA Gallery 18.11-19.12.2015

Anna Mari Liivrand

“One becomes many/many become one”


“The exhibition “One becomes many/many become one” talks about the process of becoming whole – a process where the original form of an object starts to unravel and its individual parts are slowly reworked. The end result is a more multifaceted entirety than the original.

The process started with wool – a familiar, everyday material. I am interested in how, in a different context, familiar objects and activities can lead us to a new clarity. Through the process of needle felting, wool, a formless, soft mass, takes on a more definite form and loses its original uniformity. The time-consuming and endless repetition of this method made me think about what typifies the process. If, from one large mass of wool, you can get many separate and different entities, then together these make a new entity, which encompasses all the individual parts, including the space they inhabit.”

09.12.2015 6pm Artist talk with Anna Mari Liivrand. The discussion will be moderated by Brigita Reinert, MA student of the Art History Institute.

Anna Mari Liivrand (1993) has been studying in the Department of Installation and Sculpture at the Estonian Academy of Arts since 2012. She has undertaken an exchange in the Department of Fine Arts at the Iceland Academy of the Arts (2015). In 2014 Liivrand won the Grand Prix in the Young Sculptor’s Prize exhibition “Portrait of Unseen”. “One becomes many/many become one” is Liivrand’s second solo show.

Thanks to Helena Keskküla, Henrik Rakitin and Pärtel Eelmere

Supported by Jaanihanso

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