Architecture students start building KINO in Tartu

On July 18, the architecture students of EKA started erecting the KINO, a wooden shelter intended for public use, in the neighbourhood of the Atlantis building on the banks of the Emajõgi River in Tartu. The three-part shelter will remain open for the citizens and guests of Tartu to use until the end of the Capital of Culture year.


The installation-shelter KINO is a school project created by students of the 1st year of architecture and urban planning at EKA and completed during the summer construction internship. Designing and building a shelter has been the first major study task of EKA architecture students for many years. Last winter, one project was selected from among the ideas developed for Tartu during the school work, which is now being jointly completed. The instructors have given the students a limited amount of material to build the project – they can use no more than 1 km of timber and 100 concrete blocks to build the three interacting elements of the KINO. What will be erected using all of that – and why do the students thing Tartu needs such an object – will be revealed on July 29, when KINO will open its doors.


“Last year, we laid the foundation for a new tradition – until 2024, the destination of the traditional EKA shelter project will be the center of Tartu. We promote and showcase the possibilities of using wood with these installations, whilst also supporting the students in their work, as an organization. The end result offers the townspeople and our guests the opportunity to observe Tartu from a completely different angle,” said Anna-Liisa Unt, landscape architect of Tartu Spatial Creation Department.


The KINO will open on the banks of the Emajõgi River on July 29 at 5 p.m., but everyone is welcome to explore the construction already during the work process. During the construction of the shelter, a poster exhibition of previous shelters built by EKA architecture students between 2006 and 2021 can be viewed on the fences at the construction site. the exhibition will remain open until the opening of KINO.


Planning the shelter and building it together with the entire course has been the major project of the first academic year of EKA architecture students for 17 years. This year’s shelter is the second one to be built in Tartu.

KINO is built with the support of the City of Tartu, the Estonian Cultural Foundation, the Estonian Forestry and Wood Industry Union, the Environmental Investment Center, Raitwood, Palmako and EKA.


EKA architecture and urban planning 1st course design work group: Alis Mäesalu, Tuule Kangur, Darja Gužovskaja, Madis Arp Keerd.


Construction: Aiko Liisa Olek, Anabel Ainso, Anu Alver, Anneli Virts, Arabella Aabrams, Frank Kuresaar, Fred-Eric Pavel, Hugo Georg Kalaus, Karl Robin Timm, Karmo Viherpuu, Kristian Tigane, Laura Haki, Laura Venelaine, Liisalota Kroon, Rasmus Roosileht, Triinu Lamp.


The course project was supervised by Ott Alver and Alvin Järving from the architect office Arhitekt Must, Ragnar Kekkonen guided the students in the carpentry workshop, and Andres Lehtla directed the constructions.


You can read more about the idea of ​​the shelter series and all the objects built so far here:



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