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Photos: Country Music presents “The Hum”

Photos: Hedi Jaansoo

TASE ’20 Online Grad Show is now open!

TASE is the annual spring graduation show of the Estonian Academy of Arts. Works from Architecture, Fine Arts, Design, Art and Culture faculties ...

Photos: “Maintenance Is a Drag (It Takes All the Fucking Time)” at EKA Gallery 28.01.–08.02.2020

Documentation of the exhibition “Maintenance Is a Drag (It Takes All the Fucking Time)” and of performative guide tours “Vertical Perspectives” ...

Photos: Wack Dystopia at EKA Billboard gallery

Graphic design 3rd-year students project “Wack Dystopia” at EKA Billboard Gallery 20.12.2019–31.01.2020. Students: Adam Asztalos, Kersti Heile, ...
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Photos: “Self-Care” at EKA Gallery 11.10–02.11

Photos: Kleer Keret Tali