Christian Ackermann – the Arrogant and Talented Pheidias of Tallinn

Christian Ackermann was the most talented and scandalous wood carver of the baroque-era Estonia. By implementing the cutting edge investigation technologies of technical art history the project aims to identify the nature of his works in close-up: historical joinery and carving techniques; use of materials; initial polychromy; architectonics and details; location in the church space; the subsequent reception etc. Therefore the expert institutions in the field of technical art history work as a team to gain the best results in their research and to make sure the pieces of art remain preserved. The condition and physical damages of the research objects get closely examined to find out if there is a need for conservation. The results of the investigation are gathered to a single public database to ensure that the collection and analysis of the information is coherent. The web-based database is available to the public.

Principal investigator: Hilkka Hiiop

Research staff: Anneli Randla

Duration: 2016–2020

Financed by the Estonian Academy of Arts, Estonian Research Council and the National Heritage Board of Estonia

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Posted by Kristina Jõekalda