DAMA workshop no 29, March 2021

„Artist walk : Art walk“

*Short synopsis
„Artist walk : Art walk“ is half virtual + half hands on (or more precisely leg-work oriented) adventure where participants can wander along paths using different techniques and mindsets.

First we talk, then we walk and each of us will be exploring how well known the physical and mental areas really are.

One enthusiastic reason to dive into this topic is to find out more about the art of walking / walking as an art form that has its own history and practicioners. What kind of practice could be squeezed out from this everyday habit? During the workshop one generates instructions/scripts out of what she/he experienced and how others can follow the same synergy in a totally different environment.

10 000 steps per day keeps one healthy!
Also, walking increases mindfulness (?)

Come and join the workshop of art walking procedures and notice the performativity where it usually does not stand out.

* Workshop organisers Maarin Ektermann and Henri Hütt have been collaborating with the aim of shifting the borders of cultural rituals. The exploration of artist walk / art walk is their newest and ongoing one.

Public space, urban space, instructional art, conceptual art, performing arts, text, DIY, guidance, theory and practice, walking as an art practice, healthy living, finding something to do with your days

*Practicalities (time, duration, number of participants, level/target group)
March 15-19, 2021


Various locations, online/offline
Morning sessions together in Zoom, afternoons individual practice and experimenting on your own

10-15 participants from partner universities
BA/MA. One has to be curious and expect the unexpected.

*Application procedure
Students should send a short letter of motivation/a small portfolio of few selected works to henri@mimproject.org and maarinektermann@gmail.com

*Deadline (for motivation letters/portfolios)

*Grant info:
Students are eligible for digital aid support provided by Nordplus (headphones, software licences, etc). This needs to be applied for through the home institution. More information to the selected students from the course providers directly.

*Pre-course task
Selected students should prepare a short (7 min) presentation (if possible, then with visual materials) about one independently researched concept of art walking that impresses/annoys/raises questions. Can be a historical artist/practice or contemporary.

*Post-course task
Students should execute one formulated script of artist walk/art walk to be given for Creative Commons use. This is the walk that you would like to share with the world, so anyone could use and develop it further. Script should contain instructions of how, of what to notice, for whom this walk could be suitable for, preferable weather conditions, target group, etc fantasy can bring.

Workshop masters of ceremony: Maarin Ektermann & Henri Hütt henri@mimproject.org maarinektermann@gmail.com

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