“Debris” at EKA Gallery 09.02.–04.03.2017

On 10 February you are kindly invited to the opening of the Debris pop-up shop in EKA Galerii.

For the first time you have the extraordinary chance to marvel, buy and exchange exclusive Debris products that have been available so far only in our web shop.
In the Debris pop up travelling shop you can find a unique collection of carefully chosen debris. The products can be bought or exchanged for items of the same value. Slip some valuables into your pocket and come shopping for something useless you never want to throw away!

Web shop: http://ddebris.wixsite.com/debris

noun de·bris də-ˈbrē, dā-ˈ, ˈdā-ˌ, British usually ˈde-(ˌ)brē

: the pieces that are left after something has been destroyed
: things (such as broken pieces and old objects) that are lying where they fell or that have been left somewhere because they are not wanted

Retrieved from Merriam-Webster.com, 13 Dec 2015
Debris is a brand created by collectors Triin Loosaar and Egle Lillemäe who have been collecting useless things for several years now. In 2015 they launched a web shop and now the time has come to open the first pop up travelling shop, to make the collected treasures available for marvel, feel and sniff in real life to bring relief from causality and functional reality. Debris products can be bought with standard currencies but also exchanged for objects of the same value. The stock varies and grows with active co-collectors so the shop can be opened brand new at yet another place.

Exhibition is open until 4 March.

Graphic design: Viktor Gurov

Artists would like to thank everyone who made the exhibition possible.

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Posted by Keiu Krikmann