· Refresher training for conservation and restoration of architecture

· History research for buildings and building sites

· Measuring of smaller historical buildings and details of cultural value, and preparation of digital measurement drawings

· Inventory and photographing of details and structures of cultural value (assisting work in preparation of special conditions for heritage conservation and building design documentation)

· Inventory and determination of value classes for buildings in a district, preparation of proposals regarding the boundaries and conditions for protection and use of built-up areas of cultural and environmental value

· Preparation of parts regarding cultural heritage in the process of preparation of comprehensive plans and detailed spatial plans and/or respective consultations

· Finishing investigation (determination of layers and types of paint and rendering, determination of the existence of ceiling or wall paintings in an interior with initial proposals for conservation and restoration, investigation of wallpaper layers)

· Expert assessment of the condition of works of art (paintings, ceiling and wall paintings and sculptural objects)

· Conservation and restoration of works of art (paintings, ceiling and wall paintings and sculptural objects)

· Consultations with experts

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Posted by Eerik Kändler