Ehituskunst # 59

Climate: Coldish

Ehituskunst #59 focuses on the cold-weather climate and its direct and indirect effects on both local and similar climatic practices. The focus is on the public space, the typology of which is by far the warmest of the largest, where outdoor activities are more uniform throughout the year and where the human body is somewhat comfortable and pleasant. But how to create a public space that suits our climate?

The editors-in-chief Eik Hermann and Karli Luige made “climate: coldish” from the original job title “climate: cold”. Instead of harsh winters, our colder seasons are dominated by sloppy halftones, cloudy eaves, muddy boulevards and endless November without shining snow. A magazine can be purchased from, among others, the Faculty of Architecture of EKA), Lugemik, Apollo and the bookstore Puänt.

The magazine has gathered largely through interviews and conversations. Thus, the latest issue of Ehituskunst is a journey through dialogues, reflections and conversations that do not seek to provide definitive recipes and answers and provide the best examples, but to begin with search lines that will hopefully continue in university studios, architectural offices and office offices.

Authors of the text: Marie-Elise Chhabra, Martti Kalliala, Rasmus Kask, Leonhard Lapin, Juhani Pallasmaa, Katarzyna Julia Zachara, Mihkel Tüür

From the texts of short excerpts: Pier Vittorio Aureli, Boris Culjat & Ralph Erskine, Peter Davidson, Luis Fernández-Galiano, David Gissen, Lisa Heschong

Interviews: Thomas Auer, Karin Bachmann & Mirko Traks, Marco Casagrande, Jaak-Adam Looveer, Valdur Mikita, Kiel Moe, Andres Ojari, Toomas Paaver, Indrek Peil & Siiri Vallner, Hannes Praks, Philippe Rahm, Sami Rintala, Kai Saar, Tuomas Toivonen

Excerpts from short conversations: Oliver Orro, Anti Saar

Projects from architects / offices: 3 + 1 architects, Jo van den Berghe, Alexander Brodsky, Marco Casagrande, Kadarik Tüür Architects, SCHEDULE, CINEMA, Kalle Komissarov & Üla Koppel, Olavi Koponen, KOSMOS, Leth & Gori, Norron, NOW Office, Kärt Ojavee, PART, Philippe Rahm, Rintala & Eggertson, Kristian Taaksalu, Villem Tomiste, Transsolar, White Arkitekter

Design: Martin Rästa

The publishing of architecture is supported by the Cultural Endowment and published by the Faculty of Architecture of the Estonian Academy of Arts


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Posted by Tiina Tammet