EKA Jewellery department represented in Shmuck 2018 and Talente 2018

Erinn M. Cox. IMMORTAL: 13 breaths, 2 nails, 2017, oxidized copper, cast bronze artist’s fingernails, 58.5 x 5 x 2.5 cm, 300 grams, photographer: Tiit Rammul
Julia Maria Künnap. WHY IS IT ALL OVERGROWING - brooch. Nephrite, gold. 2017
Darja Popolitova. Narcissus I brooch 2017 modelled, 3D-scanned, CNC-milled, vacuum formed, chromed plastic, silver, steel 15.5 x 13 x 3.5 cm

Three artists from the EKA Jewellery department (previous and current) have been selected for Schmuck 2018 and 1 artist (current) has been selected for Talente 2018 – these are major international exhibitions that are put through rigorous selection processes, both events occurring in Munich during Munich Jewellery Week in March 2018.

Schmuck and Talente 2018, held at the Internationale Handwerksmesse in Munich, Germany each year are the most significant series of exhibitions of contemporary jewelry design and are the annual meeting point for collectors, gallerists, museum curators and jewelry artists from around the world. Its historic jewelry exhibitions: Meister der Moderne, Schmuck and Talente are world-renowned and considered must-visits for anyone in the field of contemporary jewelry.

“Schmuck” was founded in 1959 by Dr. med. Herbert Hofmann. It is the earliest exhibition on contemporary jewelery worldwide. Since 1973 the Herbert-Hofmann-Price is presented. The management lies with The Benno and Therese Dannersche Kunstgewerbestiftung, Munich. The exhibition is sponsored by the Bavarian State Ministry for Economics and Media, Energy and Technology.

“Talente” was founded in 1980 as international competition for all areas of craft and design. The selected participant can only exhibit once. A participation is only possible until the age of 33 (for the field technique up to 35 years of age). To international jury selects the winners of the “Talente”-Prize. The Ministry of Economics and Energy and the Bavarian State Ministry for Economics and Media, Energy and Technology.

Surrounding this critical event, there is an independent initiative that supports, communicates and promotes citywide jewelry exhibitions taking place during the week – innumerable satellite exhibitions (solo and group) are presented by artists, curators, and galleries especially for this audience titled Munich Jewellery Week. These independent city exhibitions total to a remarkable 80+ initiatives featuring hundreds of makers, students, educators and collectors from all over the world to offer a diverse program that ranges from artist-run exhibitions, book launches and lectures to performances, mobile presentations and parties.

For more information, visit: https://www.ihm-handwerk-design.com/messe/highlights/schmuck/ or https://www.ihm-handwerk-design.com/messe/highlights/talente/ or  http://www.munichjewelleryweek.com


Selected for Schmuck 2018 (only 65 artists were notably selected from 912 applications from 65 countries by Hans Stofer, Professor at the Royal College of Art in London and in the jewelery class of Burg Giebichenstein Kunsthochschule Halle):

​Julia Maria Künnap

  • ​Studied at EKA, graduated with her BA ​in ​Jewellery in 2001​ and her​ MA ​in ​Jewellery in 2004.  ​
  • ​This is her ​third time ​being selected for ​Schmuck with​ previous times ​being in 2011 and 2013.
  • Selected for Talente in 2001.

Darja Popolitova

  • Currently a PhD student at EKA
  • Holds a BA from the EKA in Jewellry, graduated in 2013
  • Graduated with her MA in Jewellery in 2015, from EKA
  • First time being selected for Schmuck.
  • Selected for Talente in 2016

Erinn M. Cox

  • Currently an MA student in Jewellery, 2nd year under the supervision of Kadri Mälk
  • Holds an MFA from the Memphis College of Art, 2007: and a BFA from Florida State University, 1998.
  • First time being selected for Schmuck.


Selected for Talente 2018 (27 artists selected for jewellery in the 108 artists to be presented across all fields of design, notably selected from over 600 applications from 50 countries):

Hanna-Maria Vanaküla:

  • Currently an MA student in Jewellery, 2nd year under the supervision of Urmas Lüüs
  • Graduated with her BA in Jewellery from EKA in 2016
  • Was selected for Schmuck 2017
  • First time being selected for Talente
  • email: hanna-maria.vanakula@artun.ee
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Posted by Mart Vainre