“EKA Nahakunst 100”

This book has been published for the 100th anniversary of the Leather Art Department of EKA and consists of three parts. The first part – “The History Book” gives an overview of the progress of the department through the reminiscences of the alumni, Jaana Pää has tied the chapter together with intertexts. The second part – “Picture Book” consists of photo exhibitions exhibiting students’ works by decades and “parade portraits” of teachers currently working in the department. All productions have been captured on camera by Sohvi Viik, and the stylistic author of the portrait pictures is Kreete Pillenberg. The third part – “Five years and a register book” takes a look at the activities of the Leather Art Department of EKA during the last five academic years (2012-2017) and the developments that took place in the department. The last pages of the book contain the lists of graduates and teachers of the department. This is the fourth catalog celebrating the anniversary of the department.

Edited by Jaana Pää, Lennart Mänd, Kadri Kruus, Marta Moorats, Anneli Filipov and Eve Kaaret
Designed by Andres Tali

160 pages, in Estonian and English
Leather Art Department of the Estonian Academy of Arts, 2017

ISBN 978-9949-594-08-5

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Posted by Neeme Lopp