EKA Students Participating in the Cumulus Student Talent Camp Jaipur 2023

Photo: Piret Puppart

The first-ever Cumulus Student Talent Camp flagged off on 30 October at the ARCH College of Design & Business, India under the theme “Design Identity Direction”.

The event has attracted students from around the world, offering a transformative experience that delves into India’s rich cultural heritage while addressing contemporary challenges in the creative industries. EKA is represented by PhD student Marta Konovalov and three Fashion BA students, Karmel Kibena, Maria Roosiaas and Morgan Kinna, and a Fashion MA student, Kadri Vahar.

ARCH College proudly takes the lead as the host institution for this pioneering initiative within the Cumulus Association, a global network of top art, design, and media institutions, which EKA is also a member of. Archana Surana, the Director and Founder of ARCH College, brings her 28 years of experience as a Design Educator to the forefront as she serves as the Vice President of the Cumulus Executive Board, spearheading this groundbreaking venture.

Diverse International Participants

The Student Talent Camp has garnered participation from eight esteemed institutions in seven different countries worldwide, including Sheffield Hallam University (England), Sapienza University of Rome (Italy), Estonian Academy of Arts (Estonia), University of Lapland (Finland), University of Portland (USA), The Design Village (India), and University of Antwerpen (Belgium). With a diverse group of 30 participants, including students and faculty members, the camp promises a global convergence of creative minds eager to explore and innovate together.

Visiting Various Creative Industries

During the 6-day Cumulus student talent camp, students have the opportunity to visit seven creative industries that represent Indian crafts and cultures, thus preserving Indian heritage through the strength of living traditions. These industries include Nila House, Neerja Blue Pottery, Rangotri, Jaipur Watch Company, Jaipur Rugs, Gomes, and local shops. The aim of these visits is to gain a better understanding of these creative endeavors.

Empowering Creative Industries Through Sustainable Design

This event is in alignment with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), with a specific focus on various objectives encompassing social, communication, product, and sustainable design. International students visit the clusters and local markets of Jaipur to immerse themselves in the experience of India’s living traditions. Following these visits, students identify the challenges faced by these industries and endeavor to find solutions through the implementation of design thinking and its processes. Notably, the most exciting part is that these students prepare prototypes and present them on the final day of the camp.

Immerse in Jaipur’s Rich Culture and Create Lasting Memories

In addition to these enriching experiences, students immerse themselves in the vibrant culture of Jaipur with activities such as the ‘Rock Satsang’ and the ‘Gala Evening.’ The event also features an exciting ‘City Tour’ that promises to infuse a sense of adventure and fun into their learning journey. These exciting highlights ensure that students not only gain valuable insights into sustainable design but also create lasting memories and enjoy the fun side of this educational journey.

Nurturing Creativity and Fostering Collaboration

The Cumulus Student Talent Camp is an invaluable platform for students to enhance their creative potential and refine their design skills. It’s designed to deepen participants’ understanding of living traditions, circular and sustainable design, and the pivotal role of cultural identity in the design process. The camp aims to inspire the next generation of creative professionals by offering immersive experiences, workshops, industry interactions, and collaborative design initiatives. Through a series of engaging activities, participants identify their design challenges, brainstorm innovative ideas, develop prototypes, and document their experiences, ultimately showcasing their work in a final presentation and exhibition.

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Posted by Andres Lõo