EKA Welcomes Diverse International Talent Through Erasmus Programme

Photo: Hanna Augasmägi

EKA recently welcomed a diverse group of students from across Europe and beyond as part of  ERASMUS program, bringing together young talents from various fields of art, design, and architecture.

This spring semester, EKA is joined by students from 25 different countries and universities, 51 students in total, studying disciplines ranging from architecture and urban planning to fine arts, design, and media specialties.

The EKA’s International Office is particularly excited about the wide spectrum of disciplines these students represent. This diversity enriches the EKA’s academic environment and provides excellent opportunities for cross-cultural learning and collaboration.

The new Erasmus students were introduced to Estonian culture and nature by taking part of a traditional snowshoe hike in the Estonian wilderness on February 4th. This event offered the new students a great opportunity to get acquainted with Estonia’s picturesque landscapes and to form friendships with both local and other international students, as well as experience the traditional smoke sauna.

EKA continues its commitment to international education and cross-cultural dialogue, strengthening its position as a leading institution for art, design, and architecture both in Estonia and internationally. The expansion and diversity of the Erasmus program reflect EKA’s mission to provide a creative and inspiring environment for all its students.

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Posted by Sandra