Experience-driven practice-based research on handbag design principles

Photos from private and Tallinn City Museum collections. Collage by Jaana Päeva

The project focuses on exploring experience-driven design principles that extend the product lifespan by using emotional attachment.

This creative research focuses on the relationships between memories preserved in perceptions and product descriptions to understand how products are perceived and experienced, which experiences become long-lasting memories, what emotions trigger remembrance, and how memories affect emotional attachment to the product to integrate new knowledge into the design creation for potential product lifespan extension.

The project concentrates on the study of bags and its associated memories. Handbags are in the research focus as everyday objects that play a significant role in the owner’s life. The appearance of a bag is a public reflection of the wearer’s cultural and social attitudes, various roles, and everyday needs, while the interior is hidden, personal, and private. The bag has both functional and symbolic value, and its ambivalence and importance in the wearer’s daily life provide an appropriate background for collecting and applying memories as input for bag design.

The project starts with a memory collection through questionnaires at the ʽEveryday Companions. Handbags 1900-1950ʼ exhibition in the Tallinn City Museum and electronically. This is followed by creating a bag collection in collaboration with Estonian bag designer Kadri Kruus. The collection integrates the emotional characteristics that have emerged in the memories into the new bag designs which perception is tested through feedback. The knowledge gathered during the project enables the assessment of experience-driven memories as design input and provides preliminary knowledge of their implementation possibilities.

The project partners: the Tallinn City Museum and Kadri Kruus – Bags and Accessories

The project team: Jaana Päeva, Maris Rosenthal, Kadri Kruus, Sirle Rohusaar

The project is funded by: the Ministry of Culture’s Artistic Research Support Program in the field of culture and creative industries

You are welcome to fill in the anonymous questionnaire ʽMy Significant Bagʼ. The collected data will only be used for this project and related publications:


For more information contact:
Jaana Päeva, researcher and project leader jaana.paeva@artun.ee

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Posted by Andres Lõo