FAST45 Project Launch & Public Lecture (Online) – Join us!

FAST45 Project Launch & Public Lecture:

Open to people, places, methods and Ideas?
Developing the pedagogy of the Open University

Prof. Daniel Weinbren


10 February 2022

12:00 – 14:00 CET
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FAST45 is a pan-European research project which aims to create and test new methodologies, envisage future scenarios, establish long-term international collaboration and develop tools and initiatives which will empower arts institutions not only to anticipate an unknown future but to actively shape it.

Involving arts educators, researchers, students, and business professionals working across artistic disciplines and leaping sectoral boundaries, FAST45 seeksto analyse, map, and predict the arts education landscape for 2045.

Meet the FAST45 partners and hear what the future could hold for the arts in higher education.

Join Prof. Daniel Weinbren, an Open University Fellow and writer of the history of OU, to hear how the UK-based Open University, with its objective (according to the OU Royal Charter, 1969) to ‘promote the educational well-being of the community generally’, challenged the pre-Second World War status quo by providing open-access education to part-time adult learners. Discover how the OU modelled how a central state could seek to direct technological, educational, cultural and economic developments and normalise a quasi-market within the university sector.

This lecture, followed by a Q&A will be hosted on the FAST45 Learning Platform.

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FAST45 is funded by the Erasmus + Knowledge Alliance programme of the European Union.



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