/ Rainer Lepik, Veiko Salumäe, Denizay Apusoglu

Flowb. is a new seating concept for long-distance public transport. It consists of two main parts: comfortable seating and advanced screens. Seating is on an exact angle to provide maximum leg room for passengers and use the available space efficiently. For privacy, every seat is separated by a sound-absorbing wall, which allows users to work privately or just rest undisturbed.
The second part of the system is a large integrated screen for each seat. Adjustable positioning allows users to find the best position for writing or reading materials from online accounts or surfing on the web. The screens are versatile and can be used for watching movies or for working. USB connections can be used for transferring data or just charging your phone. And if a personal laptop is preferred, just flip the screen and it transforms into a table.

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Posted by Janno Nõu