GALLERY: TASE ’22 Graduation Show

Photo: Evert Palmets

On May 27,  the Estonian Academy of Arts’ Graduation Show TASE ’22 opened, the focus of which is an exhibition of graduation works. Along with the opening of the main exhibition, the website was opened.

TASE ’22 will be opened by Liina Kersna, Minister of Education and Science of the Government of the Republic. Bachelor’s and Master’s degree awards for Young Artist Award and Young Applied Artist Award were awarded. Philipp Heidkamp, Vice-President of the Association of Universities of Art, Higher Education, Science and Design, Cumulus spoke.

Graduates of the Master’s degree in fine arts, architecture, design and art culture will participate in the exhibition, in addition, graduates of the bachelor’s degree in fine arts and design will also show their level of maturity.

Photos: Evert Palmets