/ Hadi Alavi, Sophie Farines, Mati Uustal, Klarika Mäeots

The nature of work is progressively shifting from office to remote working and often happening in temporary teams. If only work related topics are discussed, then team members don’t feel friendly and comfortable with each other. This leads to a decrease in trust and synergy that suffers. We believe that quick trust building over the internet is possible. It takes an informal situation to break the ice. By experiencing downfalls and accomplishments together, you can assess your team members. The fun platform GAMICO helps to enhance social relations and define roles in the early stages of collaboration.

GAMICO helps to build trust within temporary teams at the beginning of collaboration. Gaming puts participants on the same level and integrates them into a team. Gameplay is used for team building and breaking formal barriers to help people open up. Every player has a piece of the puzzle, and communication is key for finding a solution. Tasks can only be completed through teamwork.

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Posted by Janno Nõu