Glass art exhibition “I Spy With my Little Eye 2” in EKA Gallery

Glass art exhibition, „I Spy With My Little Eye 2” by Estonian Academy of Arts’ Master’s students and the Austrian collective SUPRA// STRUKTUR is now open at EKA Gallery.

The exhibition “I Spy With My Little Eye 2” welcomes you on a journey of discovery by asking one question: Can you see what I see? The title is a reference to a children’s game of the same name where one player picks a “secret” object either indoors or outdoors that the other players then begin to try and guess. This seemingly innocent game is a rather good illustration of how seeing things – and, consequently, understanding them – is far from universal.
An artistic interpretation of this guessing game has already taken place at Polymer A Korpus in December 2017, now let’s continue playing at EKA gallery…

Participating artists: Maarja Mäemets, Mari-Liis Makus, Annika Mätlik, Sigrid Luitsalu, Kateriin Rikken, SUPRA// STRUKTUR: Marlene Lahmer, Oliver Alunovic, István Antal.

Exhibition is open until 17 March

Graphic design: Stuudio Stuudio

Artists and the gallery would like to thank the Embassy of Austria in Tallinn, Kadarbik, Andra Jõgis, Niina-Anneli Kaarnamo

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Posted by Keiu Krikmann