Graphic (re)presentation. Studio Project I, 2016/2017

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The aim of the course is to develop manual and visual thinking skills. To see and represent elements of the world as they occur to us and aslo create and convey ideas and images still unseen and unknown to others. As a result of the course, the students will have a vast set of manual graphic skills as well as the means for visual and conceptual thinking. It is further accompanied by enhanced generalisation skills and the ability to see and work with various systems and structures. The aesthetic perception here marks the by-product of systematic work as an expression of earlier experiences and preconceptions. The aim of the course is to learn to recognise the relevant parts of the present world and to create new structured worlds generated from the personal convictions and their systematic development thus excluding the superficial layer of commonplaces. The work is highly timeconsuming entailing numerous experiments and (re)constructions of variantions.

Tutors: Prof Toomas Tammis, Paco Ulman, Mikk Meelak

Editors: Lill Volmer, Marie Anette Veesaar

ISBN 978-9949-594-26-9
ISBN 978-9949-594-27-6
ISSN 2461-2359

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Posted by Pille Epner