Inventory of 20th-Century Architecture

The vulnerability of the 20th-century architecture has been an undisguised problem since Estonia restored its independence. In 2007 the Ministry of Culture and the National Heritage Board initiated a programme “Mapping and analysing valuable 20th-century architecture in Estonia” in order to survey the most important and still existing sites that represent the 20th century architectural heritage in the whole country. This constitutes the first phase of this larger project.  The main idea was to point out the most eminent and valuable parts of this heritage in order to avoid the situation where valuable buildings are demolished for pragmatic reasons or due to politics of the day without perceiving their eternal values.

Duration: 2007–2010

Financed by the National Heritage Board, Estonian Ministry of Culture, Cultural Endowment of Estonia

See in the National registry of cultural monuments

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Posted by Kristina Jõekalda