Kristel Saan „My Rising Sign is Dancer“ at EKA Gallery 02.06.–20.06.2015

“Current exhibition is questioning body experience in a visually supercharged world. The exhibition is dealing with images created through the personal archives that we all have, and the encountered exchange as its result. It speaks about suspended superstition and about the utopian space romanticized from a distance. The exhibition will question how a space can exist if a human is not able or not physically allowed to enter it i.e. how can a human-being invade a space and how does non-existing space push it’s way into our subconsciousness, developing heterotopic fields where everything seems very physical again. “My Rising Sign is Dancer” is looking into multilayered matrix in which interference is important in order not to fall into a somnambulistic dream-like trance, where the modern world may start to manifest things for you. Nothing seems real, everything is super real. How do I excel to you? Which part of the selection do you want to keep?”

Kristel Saan is a Vancouver based visual artist. She received bachelor’s degree in Ceramic Design from Estonian Academy of Arts in 2012. She complemented her undergraduate program studying fine arts in London at the Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design. During her Master degree program she has studied visual arts in Vancouver at the Emily Carr University and in Providence at the Rhode Island School of Design. Simultaneously with her studies she has participated in shows in Estonia, Finland, Hungary, Denmark, England, Germany, Belgium, United States and Canada. Current exhibition “My Rising Sign Is Dancer” is her fifth solo show and also part of her MA thesis at the Estonian Academy of Arts.

“My artistic practice as a ceramic artist has slightly shifted to sculpture, installation, photo, choreography and digital media. It is a fusion that is continuously unraveled through poetry; writing is a huge part and big love in my practice.”

Acknowledgments: Merilin Talumaa, Jennifer Horan, David Roth, Sarah Seburn, Kaarel Nõmmik, Juho Pöysti, Erik H Zepka, Urmas Puhkan, Ingrid Allik, Maria Jürisson, Sandra Sule, Tanel Veenre, Ilona Müür, Evelin Saul, Maarja Tõnisson, Inge Keert, Family with the extension SAAN, Rainer Kaasik-Aaslav, Kadi Adrikorn, Eve Kaaret, Sten Saarits, Mati Säär, Mario Nurmelaid, Kiwa.

Exhibition is supported by Estonian Cultural Endowment, Espak, Expressions and Moe viin.

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Posted by Merilin Talumaa