“Last Edit Was Seconds Ago” (edited by Maris Karjatse and Marge Monko)

This book introduces 11 students who graduated from the photography department of the Estonian Academy of Arts in 2022 (group code BFO19) – Andra Junalainen, Laura Ruuder, Ivor Lõõbas, Elo Vahtrik, Imbi Sõber, Meel Paliale, Markus Mikk, Joosep Kivimäe, Kertu Rannula, Jana Mätas, Laura Maala – a selection of works that include work done during the course, views of the thesis exhibition, short interviews with students and an essay by Professor Marge Monko of the Department of Photography.

The print was designed by EKA graphic design masters Alejandro Bellon Ample and Björn Giesecke.

168 pages, in Estonian and English
Department of Photography, Estonian Academy of Arts, 2022

ISBN 978-9916-619-73-5

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Posted by Neeme Lopp