Lecture: JOHAN PAJU, Urban Biotopes – a case study of Social Nature in Stockholm

At 5.30 pm this Thursday, on the 23rd Nov, everyone’s welcome to the architecture department (Pikk 20, 3rd floor) for lecture “Urban Biotopes – A case study of Social Nature in Stockholm, Sweden” by Stockholm-based architect and landscape architect Johan Paju.

During the last century, we lost track of natural systems in the cityscape. Johan Paju will discuss how to re-introduce a “biotope thinking” into urban landscapes through an understanding of deep structure and landscape ecology. The lecture will focus on Nordic climates, a case study of the “Taklandskapet” (The Roof Top Landscape) of Sveavägen 44 in Stockholm and basic principles of biotope design and practice by URBANGREEN. The lecture will be held in English and open for all.

Johan Paju is one of Sweden’s foremost landscape architects and has previously taught at KTH-A in Stockholm over 15 years in landscape architecture and urban design. 1998, he was one of the founders of NOD -nature oriented design and is now co-owner and Creative Director of Fojab architects, one of Sweden’s largest architectural firms. He has been active all over the world, but with a strong focus on Nordic architecture and process-oriented solutions. He got the Siena Prize in 2015 for the best landscape project in Sweden. Johan Paju has been Chairman of Stockholm’s Architectural Association as well as for the Swedish Association of Architects Academy for Landscape Architecture.

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Posted by Mart Vainre