MUUSA: Material research modelling and synthesis

Photo: Kärt Ojavee

MUUSA: Material research modelling and synthesis 

The project aims to develop a new artistic research methodology using material-based co-creation methods. Various models will be synthesised throughout the project, exploring multiple ways of approaching the material in creative processes and research. This includes questioning how to approach the material’s chemical, physical, and biological composition in creative practices; how to utilise the material as a method, a process driver; and how to recognise the material as a muse, inspiring and redirecting thematic choices? The aim is to map and model the methodology’s different stages, publish and validate the new terminology. Exploring materials through artistic practice engages meaning-making, sensory experiences, and their possible applications. The dissemination of creative work and material development supported by the systematic treatment takes the form of an article and an exhibition.

The project is led by two artist-researchers and lecturers of the Estonian Academy of Arts, Juss Heinsalu and Kärt Ojavee, who have previous experience working in a multidisciplinary approach involving external experts and cooperation partners.

Project duration: 01.09.2023–30.12.2024

Project founded by: Estonian Ministry of Culture

Budget: 45 000 Euros

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Posted by Triin Käo