“Neandertal Cave School. An exhibition in eleven acts, on seven plastic chairs” at EKA Gallery 01.04.–12.04.2015


An exhibition in eleven acts, on seven plastic chairs

Viktor Gurov, Hedi Jaansoo, Andrus Lauringson, Kristel Raesaar, Pire Sova Consultant Liina Siib

Neandertal Cave School is an installation whose material includes gallery space, artists, visitors, control and togetherness. The Cave School is a place for purposefully passing time (rather than coming together for a particular purpose) – for talking, reading, writing, testing the boundaries of mutual trust and for play. Remaining a spectator is also good, it’s an exhibition after all.


01.04 Act 1: Awkward Book Club. Dénes Farkas

02.04 Act 2: Mirror/ Money. Paul Kuimet, Tõnu Pekk, Daniel Vaarik

03.04 Act 3: Silent Moods. Liina Siib

04.04 Act 4: The Freedom of Determining the Context of Reference. Henrik Sova

05.04 Act 5: Nightfeelings. Tronden ja Florian Wahl

06.04 Act 6: Boxes of Books in Cellars. Brit Pavelson

07.04 Act 7: !NOITULOVER. Tarmo Jüristo

08.04 Act 8: Consume for Utopia. Eik Hermann

09.04 Act 9: Institutional (Self)critique. Paul Kuimet

10.04 Act 10: The Privilege of Boredom. Jaan Pärnamäe

11.04 Act 11: Everyday Practices. Aare Pilv

See the programme and join the guestlist here to receive invites and reading materials: neandertalcaveschool.tumblr.com.

Neandertal Cave School is open Mon–Sun 12–8 pm.


We would like to thank: Cultural Endowment of Estonia, Photography Department of Estonian Academy of Arts, Interior Architecture and Furniture Design Department of Estonian Academy of Arts, Estonian Artists’ Association, ISFAG, Reimo Võsa-Tangsoo, Dénes Farkas, Eik Hermann, Tarmo Jüristo, Paul Kuimet, Brit Pavelson, Tõnu Pekk, Aare Pilv, Jaan Pärnamäe, Henrik Sova, Tronden, Daniel Vaarik ja Florian Wahl, Estonian Spirit OÜ, Sigrid Pavel, Mari Hunt, Manuel Vulp.


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