“No Image Is As Good As Any Other” at EKA Gallery 14.04.–02.05.2015

Saskia Fischer and Veit Hüter present their joint exhibition “No image is as good as any other” by combining seemingly contradictory approaches.

Saskia examines the color of the light, the moment in her very own way. She concerns herself with single images and the resulting mood and narration that result from their compilation. Recently she has been engaged with finalizing her first book “Räige Päike” which will be launched on the opening of the exhibition in Tallinn. She has made her study in Estonia while she was an exchange student at the Photography department at the Estonian Academy of Arts – at a time when her impressions were still undisguised.

Veit’s work, at a first glance, may seem very different from Saskia’s approach. He produces abstract photographic images and by making them he sets out to play with any idea he might have, all the while embracing chance and accident. In the end his method is not at all that different from sauntering: he wanders the field of analogue possibilities looking for instances that need to be conserved.

As a result are images that concern themselves with the properties of light, the desire to tame it and to let it roam free at the same time. They also thematize flaws and sometimes fatal missteps in the photographic process that would otherwise render any image or even the entire negative useless.

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Posted by Merilin Talumaa