PRIVATE HOUSE. Studio Project 09.–12.2017

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The given course was the first-year students’ first real exposure to restrictions in architecture.

The search for ideas was enhanced by the earlier formal assignments and the research of

private houses abroad. The plot selection and the personal approach by the supervisors allowed each group to find their own path.

The course enhanced the students’ cooperative skills and ability to convey their ideas.

They also got wind of the process of creating a private house and buildings in general.


Course supervisor: Juhan Rohtla, Koit Ojaliiv, Joel Kopli, Edina Dufala-Pärn

Booklet compiled by: Eneli Kleemann

Published by the Department of Architecture and Urban Planning of the Estonian Academy of Arts, 2021.

The publication was supported by the Estonian Cultural Endowment.

ISBN 978-9916-619-18-6

ISBN 978-9916-619-19-3 (pdf)

ISSN 2461-2359

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Posted by Tiina Tammet