Proceedings of the Faculty of Architecture no. 10

Collection of presentations from the conference “Space and Digital Reality”. The conference took place on September 11, 2019 at the Estonian Academy of Arts and was part of the TAB 2019 program of the Tallinn Architecture Biennale.

The speakers of the international conference explored, imagined and speculated about the development and future of the field of architecture, urbanism and design. The keynote speakers at the conference were Mario Carpo with the talk “The Rise of Computational Brutalism”, Antoine Picon with “Atoms and Bits: Serious Hybridity” and Roland Snooks with the talk “Strange Behaviour”; Estonian architects Sille Pihlak (“Prototypes in protocols / protocols in prototypes”) and Siim Tuksam (“Modulated modularity – from mass customization to customized mass production”) were on stage.

The event was financed by the European Union Regional Development Fund. The publication of the publication based on the materials of the conference was supported by the Ministry of Culture and the Estonian Cultural Foundation.

Editors: Kadi Karine, Andres Ojari, Jüri Soolep.

128 pages, in English
Faculty of Architecture of the Estonian Academy of Arts, 2020

ISBN 978-9949-594-95-5 (in print)
ISBN 978-9949-594-96-2 (pdf)
ISSN 1736-4477

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Posted by Neeme Lopp