Tüüne-Kristin Vaikla “Re-purposing Space. The Role and Potential of Spatial Intervention” (Dissertationes 22)

The practice-based research deals with the re-purposing of historical buildings to find modes and models for expanding the concept of professional spatial intervention. The research focuses on the possible interaction between phenomenological knowledge and spatial investigation, design activism and the gentrification process. The thesis investigates, on the basis of case-studies – the Pärnu Mud Baths, Tallinn Linnahall and Hiiumaa Paluküla Church – the activation of space and forms of spatial intervention tactics, focusing on physical, mental and social strata of space.

The research focuses on the relationship of the past (buildings) and the future (users), evaluating spatial layers and human behavioural patterns. The author is interested in the impact of space: how it is possible to direct people’s behaviour through physical space and how space affects the human atmosphere. In interior architectural practice, the physical and the emotional approaches are in an inversely proportional relation to each other.

Supervisors: Prof. Ranulph Glanville, Prof. Mart Kalm
External reviewers: Dr. Suzie Attiwill, Dr. Lilian Hansar
Opponent: Prof. Morten Lund

Editor: Dr. Epp Lankots
Translators: Peeter Tammisto, Liis Kivirand
Copy editor: Richard Adang
Design and layout: Stuudio Stuudio

Dissertationes Academiae Artium Estoniae 22
240 pages, in English, with Estonian summary
Estonian Academy of Arts, 2017

ISBN 978-9949-594-10-8
ISSN 1736-2261

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