Research project “Unfinished City” at the university cooperation festival “Healthy Cities”

Johan Tali at the Healthy Cities Conference

On Thursday, November 19, 2020, the universities’ cooperation festival “Healthy Cities” took place, bringing together urban researchers, researchers and entrepreneurs. At the conference, Johan Tali, architect and doctoral student at EAA, introduced the results and process of research project “Unfinished City”.

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The conference explored how the city and the man-made environment shape and influence the health of the residents and support their coping.

“In the context of health, well-being means a city where one can reproduce oneself, ie re-create well-being. The city is the place that offers him good work, mobility and a diverse environment. If one of these components does not produce, ie there is not so much creation of well-being, then there is no reason to move to the city, ”said Helen Sooväli-Sepping, Vice-Rector for Sustainable Development of Tallinn University, Senior Researcher at the Institute of Natural and Health Sciences. Sandra Särav, Head of Sustainable Development at Bolt, emphasized that more and more investments should be made in more environmentally friendly means of transport in the cities of the future.

Toivo Tammik, a lecturer at the Institute of Architecture of Tallinn University of Technology, gave an overview of the green circle of Tallinn’s Old Town. Kristi Grišakov (urban researcher and Taltech urban planning lecturer), Jarek Mäestu (sports scientist and vice-dean for the development of medical sciences at the University of Tartu), Aivar Riisalu, Deputy Mayor of Tallinn, and landscape architects Merle Karro-Kalberg, Karin Bachmann and Anna-Liisa Unt, landscape architects also gave presentations at the cooperation festival.

In addition, director and entrepreneur Peeter Jalakas, heart doctor Margus Viigimaa, member of the board of Domus Kinnisvara Ingvar Allekand, entrepreneur and CEO of Kodasema Birgit Linnamäe, head of Brand Manual Kaarel Mikkin and many others shared their thoughts on a good city. The festival was moderated by journalist Neeme Raud.

The festival was organized by Tallinn University of Technology and the Adapter network, which unites researchers and research institutions from Estonian universities.


“Unfinished City” is a three-year broad-based research project conducted by the Faculty of Architecture of EAA in cooperation with the City of Tallinn, which asked what a good and liveable city could be in the 21st century and how it could be expressed in Tallinn’s urban development. The large-scale research project focused on the study of Tallinn’s urban vision and spatial future scenarios. The research was carried out thanks to the support of the real estate company Kapitel, which contributed a total of almost half a million euros to the project over three years. The research project will end in the early spring of 2021 with an exhibition at the Estonian Museum of Architecture and a book summarizing the results of the project.

Within the framework of “Unfinished City”, planning practices in European cities somewhat similar to Tallinn, Tallinn’s prefabricated housing estate, focusing on Lasnamäe, Tallinn’s green and blue networks, Tallinn’s city center / centers and the use of computational tools in space creation were studied.

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Posted by Triin Männik