Ro Spankie “Interjööri kujutamine joonisel” (Basics of Interior Architecture 3)

“Basics of Interior Architecture” is a series to introduce the discipline of interior architecture and the principles behind it. Key theories are complemented by analyzes of interior design projects, making this book a handbook for students and anyone interested in interior architecture.

Translation of the third book in the series “Interjööri kujutamine joonisel” offers an introduction to depicting an interior both in drawings and by building a mock-up or model. The book explores a number of drawing and line drawing techniques and suggests a method for understanding them and when to use them. Research from both traditional and contemporary projects is used to support the underlying theories, making this book an informative and inspiring summary of interior design possibilities.

“Kontekst ja keskkond” and “Vorm ja konstruktsioon sisearhitektuuris” have previously been published in the series “Basics of Interior Architecture” in Estonian.

Dr Ro Spankie is Head and Lecturer in Interior Architecture at the University of Westminster. He has also worked as an interior architect and furniture designer and has exhibited and published his interior work both in the UK and abroad. He is a founding member of Interior Educators, a UK forum for interior architecture and interior design educators, and a contributing editor to the international journal Interiors: Design, Architecture, Culture (Taylor & Francis).

Translated by Katrin Kask
Language editor: Tiina Hallik
Design: John F McGill

176 pages, in Estonian
Ava Raamat, Estonian Academy of Arts Press, 2022

ISBN: 978-9916-4-1120-9

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Posted by Neeme Lopp