Sandra Kossorotova “care. value. power. control” at EKA Gallery 09.-30.01.2016

If left to its own devices, will the body become fluid or limp? To be embodied is to constantly border somewhere between being carnal & contained, sensual & medical. To find balance – power & control. Control is inherent to power, there is power in control. A person must be in control of their body; to be able to shape it is to have power, so – the body must be contained.

My body is me – I must be contained.

Food is a system of care, power and control. All three are expressed through the very private rituals of nourishment/declining nourishment. And through cooking something extra is produced – an intimate added value.

I will make the food into something ‘more’ and the food will make me ‘more’.

Being in control for ‘long enough’, being something ‘long enough’ is to become it. Becoming through (self-)care. The choices in self-care become questions of morality; the politics of the self are expressed through care and control.

Text by Keiu Krikmann

Exhibition is supported by Cultural Endowment of Estonia and Kuma Kombucha

Thanks to: Aadam Kaarma, Keiu Krikmann, family Kossorotov, Valentina and Dmitri Ossipovitš, Valentin Siltsenko, Artjom Astrov, Kirill Tulin, Dmitri Aronov, Olga Smolkina

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Posted by Merilin Talumaa