Seeking: Professor of Service Design, Head of Curriculum

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Professor of Service Design, Head of Curriculum

Workload: 1.0 (full-time)
Location of work: Tallinn
Type of contract: permanent
Start date: 21 August 2023
Deadline for submission of documents: 5 March 2023

The Estonian Academy of Arts is Estonia’s only public university that provides higher education in architecture, design, art and art culture, and it has operated continuously since 1914. The Academy of Arts trains artists, architects, designers, art historians and restorers. It offers approximately 30 specialities. A total of 1,200 students are enrolled.

Professor is a leading teacher in his or her area of specialisation who participates actively in creative, research or other development activities at the international level. The purpose of the position of professor is to engage and to encourage teaching, creative activity and research and development in his or her field, to organise such activities, and to educate the next generation of academics. For the position of Professor of Service Design, a professional designer operating at an international level is expected, who has considerable experience working as a lecturer at a higher education institution, experience in professional research and an international professional network.

The Professor of Service Design leads the international Service Design Strategies and Innovation curriculum in cooperation with the heads of curriculum of the partner universities and ensures its sustainability and outstanding level. The professor develops and manages academic, research, creative and development work in the field of service design at EKA to an internationally high level, including ensuring academic succession. The professor’s duties require cooperation with other curricula, companies and cultural institutions in various practical and research outputs of service design. Also, the Professor of Service Design must be able to initiate and carry out contemporary and critical projects in the field.

More information about the professor’s duties of employment can be found in the professor’s job description.

Requirements for the candidate:

• Master’s degree or equivalent qualification;
• internationally recognised creative artist in his or her field;
• competence to organise teaching and to teach subjects in their speciality at all levels of higher education (teaching experience in higher education is required) and experience supervising students (unless the candidate has not worked as an ordinary teaching staff member in a higher education institution);
• ability to develop curricula and teaching methods;
• persons with prior experience working as teaching staff must have participated in inservice training in the field of teaching during the last five years;
• at least seven years of active research, development and creative activity (RDC activities), capability to manage and direct RDC activity in their field and to apply for the necessary funding;
• English proficiency B2, desire to learn Estonian;
• experience leading a team or managing a project;
• management, cooperation and communication related competences.

More information about the requirements for the position of professor can be found here.

Documents to be submitted (in English):
• signed application addressed to the rector;
• curriculum vitae (CV), including structured data regarding artistic, pedagogical work and professional management and development activity.
• document certifying education and degree along with copies of annexes to the document;
• digital portfolio (10-25 works);
• an overview and substantiation of international activity certifying that the person is recognised in their artistic speciality as an artistic person;
• academic staff member’s teaching portfolio;
• a vision or activity plan for the subsequent work period (up to 3000 characters);
• other documents considered important by the candidate.

Please email the documents to or mailed to the Personnel Department (Personaliosakond, Põhja pst 7, 10412 Tallinn, ruum D202)

The Estonian Academy of Arts offers:
• the possibility to have a voice in the development of the speciality;
• meaningful work in a developing lifelong art design and architecture teaching environment;
• opportunities for cooperation and continued growth in other universities in the world;
• a supportive professional team and strong student community; • 56 days of holiday and flexible work time;
• incentivised participation in sports and exercise programs;
• an inspiring and contemporary work environment in the Kalamaja neighbourhood of Tallinn.

For more information about the position of Professor of Service Design, contact the Dean of Faculty of Design Ruth-Helene Melioranski For more information about working at the Academy of Arts or applying for a position, contact Head of Human Resources Dagmar Raide

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