Shelter. Studio Project II, 2015/2016

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The aim of the first-year students’ spring term task is to introduce the prerequisites, reasons and possibilities of architecture. In their search for solutions, students need to explore and consider the relations between man and his surroundings. The task is divided into two parts. In the more theoretical section, students pose general philosophical questions, study various examples of shelters all over the world, read poetry, construct choreographic spaces and thus come to find their own very personal world. In the second part of the task, students design a shelter based on their specific needs. The previous general reflections should now also spark the conceptual vision of the project. The project culminates in the construction of one of the designed shelters by the students. Such collective endeavour allows them to get a good insight into the complex relations of architecture and the actual construction work and at the same time also create a strong bond within the group.

Tutors: Prof Andres Alver, Indrek Rünkla
Editor: Elina Liiva
Estonian Academy of Arts Faculty of Architecture, 2017

ISBN 978-9949-594-14-6
ISBN 978-9949-594-15-3 (pdf)
SSN 2461-2359

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