Sille Pihlak and Ulla Alla successful in competition of research papers

Ulla Alla defending her Master degree. Photo by Martin Siplane

On December 15, the best student research papers of 2021 were awarded at the Estonian Academy of Sciences. Two works in the field of humanities and arts from the Faculty of Architecture of EAA were awarded the prize.

In the category of doctoral dissertations, the 3rd prize (700 euros) was awarded to Sille Pihlak‘s work “Prototyping Protocols, Protocolling Prototypes. A methodological development of somatic modularity for algorithmic timber architecture”, supervised by Dr Roland Snooks and Dr Jüri Kermik.

At the master’s degree category, Ulla Katariina Alla received the 2nd prize (1300 euros) for her work “30 years off. Investigating non-action”, supervised by Kadri Klementi, Katrin Koov and Eik Hermann.

This year, 495 competition entries from 30 universities were submitted to the Research Agency, most of them in the master’s degree category. The prize fund of the competition totaled 80,727.79 euros. A list of all award recipients can be found on the ETAg website.

The competition for student research papers is organised by the Estonian Research Agency in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Research.

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Posted by Tiina Tammet